Starbound‘s Vault Update adds procedural dungeons, bosses, and the ability for players to terraform planets.

Starbound came out of early access for its full 1.0 release this year, but that doesn’t mean that developer Chucklefish is done with it. A recent patch has updated the game to version 1.2, bringing with it a wealth of new features and bug fixes. Check out the video to the right for the short and skinny of it, or read on for the most major changes:

  • Ancient Vaults
    Players who have completed the main storyline can visit a mysterious trader on the Outpost who will send them on a quest to activate and enter the Ancient Gateways found floating in some systems
    These gateways provide access to Ancient Vaults: challenging procedural dungeons left by the ancients, filled with dangerous guardians (including procedural bosses!) and fantastic lost technologies
  • Terraforming
    Using powerful devices acquired from the Ancient Vaults along with a new Essence currency, you can now transform regions or whole planets into entirely different biomes
    Terraformers can be used to expand a region across a planet’s surface, replacing natural blocks, objects and plant life, and eventually changing the type of the planet itself
    Microformers are consumable single-use terraformers which provide even more region types to add to your worlds
  • Weapon Upgrades
    Use the ancient anvil available at the end of Ancient Vaults and spend Essence to upgrade your outdated legendary weapons, opening up many new options for endgame combat styles
  • Elemental Damage
    Monsters now have resistance and weakness to elemental damage types, making your choice of weapons more important than ever
  • Holiday Spirit!
    Celebrate the holidays with the variety of festive items bought from Space Santa at the Outpost!

You can check out the full patch notes right here.

Source: Chucklefish

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