StarCraft 2 Beta Opt-In is a Hoax

This article is over 15 years old and may contain outdated information

A screenshot of Blizzard’s new 2.0 featuring a StarCraft 2 beta test opt-in button that made the rounds this weekend has been confirmed by the company to be a hoax.

The screen generated a lot of excitement among StarCraft fans over the weekend who thought they were being given a chance to take an early look at Blizzard’s hotly anticipated RTS sequel StarCraft 2. But it turns out that the image was edited by a few bored individuals who Photoshopped some text and an “accept” button into the page, making it look like the real thing.

But StarCraft 2 Community Manager Kevin Yu put the kibosh on those early beta dreams. “This is fake, and is Photoshopped,” he wrote in a message on the Blizzard forum. “We will let you know when beta starts and when invites go out – still some waiting to do unfortunately.” Blizzard Public Relations Manager Bob Colayco backed up that message, saying, “can confirm that no invites have been sent yet for StarCraft 2 beta, and we’ve not yet begun signups for StarCraft 2 beta.”

Sorry, folks. Blizzard said back in February that a beta program would be coming “in the next few months” but nothing any more definite has been forthcoming. But even though this was a fake, the opt-in option for beta tests on “upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games” is very real, so make sure you’ve selected it if you want a chance to try this stuff early!

Source: IncGamers

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