Blizzard is making a “making of” DVD that might just be for a Collector’s Edition of StarCraft II, and the Community Team wants your questions for the developers.

Blizzard Community Manager Kevin “Karune” Yu posted on the official forums asking for questions about the development of StarCraft II that the team behind the game could answer in a special “behind-the-scenes” DVD that will likely come bundled with a Collector’s Edition of the game:

We are looking to gather some good questions aimed specifically at the developers of StarCraft II about their experience in developing the game. Fun questions are a plus. Submit your questions to this thread and there is a chance they may be selected to be added in a special video interview with the developers. Feel free to shoot out questions to all parts of the team: Production, Design, Art, Programming, QA, etc.

Please avoid specific gameplay type questions or other questions better suited for our traditional Q&A batches.

This is, of course, the first semi-official announcement we have that the long-awaited sequel to the smash hit 1998 RTS will have a Collector’s Edition for those of us willing to shell out a few extra smackers for some cool stuff. Of course, a Collector’s Edition seems to be S.O.P. for Blizzard these days – since the release of WoW in November ’04, all of their new titles have had nifty limited editions.

Nifty limited editions that I can never manage to get my hands on, unfortunately.

I can’t help but wonder – with the company’s stated intent to merge accounts with WoW accounts… maybe they’d try a cross-game promotion? Part of the draw for the WoW limited editions is the special pets that you get with them. Maybe if Blizzard is feeling particularly sneaky, they’ll make it so that buying the SC2 (Terran) Collector’s Edition gives you a miniature SCV pet or something.

At any rate, while it would certainly be logical to assume that the DVD in question would accompany a special bundle for StarCraft II, I can’t actually find any confirmation from Blizzard itself about the issue – only guesses from fansites. I’ve poked them to see if they can confirm, but in the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to go with “Well, it makes sense…”

(StarCraftWire, via IncGamers)

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