Mega-RTS StarCraft II has been out for almost a day in some parts of the world – how is it shaping up?

So, StarCraft II has been out in North America for just over 11 hours now – and for longer in other parts of the globe. Now that more than just a select few gamers have had a chance to sit down with the game and its long-awaited campaign, the big question remains: How is it?

We already knew that the multiplayer was superb, of course. I’ve sunk maybe three hours into the campaign thus far through five or so missions, and it’s been a blast thus far. The gameplay is still StarCraft at its core, but I’m really liking how they gradually introduce elements mission-on-mission, with each new unit or structure specifically suited for the task at hand.

One thing that came as a pleasant surprise was the little clickable objects in the various hubs between missions. Click on a photo on the wall, and a short cutscene ensues, whether it’s a hilariously propagandist news report or Jim Raynor telling Marine buddy Tychus Findlay about a photograph of a local Zerg hunt. They’re just tiny little extras, but they’re fun and help flesh out the people on screen, and it’s a neat little touch to the between-mission areas that gives them more character.

Also, the Lost Viking arcade cabinet in the Hyperion‘s cantina is a strangely addictive shmup. I found the loading screen warning absolutely hilarious, but it was three in the morning, so make of that what you will. Terra-Tron does not like you.

So, yeah – I’ve been having a great time with it thus far, but I expected that. How about the rest of you? If you have the game already (or hell, even if you don’t and just want to speculate), feel free to sound off here in the comment thread. As always, though, if there’s anything that could be remotely construed as a spoiler, tag it appropriately or be Zerg-rushed.

If you’re looking for our official word on StarCraft II, Greg Tito will be reviewing the game early next week, if not late this one.

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