Stardew Valley‘s 1.1 update will allow you to choose a farm layout based on what you like to do most: fishing, farming, foraging, mining or combat.

At PAX, PC Gamer caught up with Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone to talk about the games upcoming 1.1 update. While the update won’t contain the multiplayer fans have been waiting for, it is still a very substantial update with quite a few new features including “farm layouts” and new buildings. Barone says it will hit “about a month from now.”

Farm layouts allow players to customize the layout of their farm based around the activity they most enjoy. The Standard Farm is the the “farming focused” farm we’re used to. The Riverland Farm is spread out across several islands and riverbanks, with a focus on fishing. The Forest Farm has limited farming space due to its dense forests, but is perfect for the lumberjack wannabes. The Hill-top Farm has a focus on mining, and finally, the Wilderness Farm is for the combat-oriented player, as monsters will attack every night.

You will only be able to choose a farm layout for a new game – you can’t apply it retroactively to an existing game.

New buildings include the shed – a completely open-ended room that players can customize to their heart’s content, and the mill – which turns flour and beets into sugar.

Other inclusions in the patch are the addition of Shane and Emily to the marriage pool, new “artisans goods” such as void mayonnaise and mead (from honey), and dozens of new collectible cosmetic items.

As for multiplayer, Barone said that it would not be ready until “some time next year,” but was hoping for “early” next year. The console port of the game however, should launch “around the holidays”.

It’s fantastic to see that this game that is being made by literately a single guy is getting so much post-launch love!

Source: PC Gamer

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