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Starfield DLSS Support Is Now (Unofficially) Available on PC

Starfield DLSS Support Is (Unofficially) Available PC FSR XeSS Nvidia mod

Starfield modders have wasted no time adding DLSS support to Bethesda Game Studios’ latest sprawling RPG adventure. The Bethesda game became available for early access players *checks watch* less than 24 hours ago, and support for the feature (as well as Intel’s XeSS) unofficially made its way to players at 2:07 a.m. today thanks to Nexus Mods developer PureDark. Considering Bethesda’s modding community is easily one of the biggest in the industry, there was little doubt we’d see fan-made improvements this soon. Still, Starfield DLSS is a highly requested feature that Bethesda has yet to comment on, so it’s great to see PC players will be able to take advantage of the option right out of the gate.

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is technology from Nvidia that aims to drastically improve the quality of in-game images. Essentially, if you have a supported GPU, DLSS uses AI to create sharper images without sacrificing game performance. So, as long as the game supports DLSS, it’s often a go-to feature if you’re looking for a smooth and pretty experience. It’s worth mentioning that the Starfield DLSS mod currently only supports DLSS2 and not more recent iterations like DLSS3, but it’s still a tool that should leave your game looking sleek.

Alternatively, Starfield officially supports FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2), the latest iteration of AMD’s upscaling technology. Those who prefer DLSS to FSR have speculated that FSR support was chosen over the Nvidia tech because Bethesda partnered with AMD when creating the sprawling space adventure. However, AMD gaming head Frank Azor refuted these claims in an interview with The Verge: “If they want to do DLSS, they have AMD’s full support.”

Whether official Starfield DLSS support will ever arrive is a mystery, but with the modding community on the scene, it may never need to. When Bethesda is finally ready to talk about adding it in, you can read about it here.

Starfield is out now for early access players on PC and Xbox Series X | S. It releases for everyone else on PC, Xbox Series X | S, and Game Pass on September 6.

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