Start “Leveraging Resources” in Minecraft Story Mode For An Easy Trophy

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Use every available item in Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 to earn an extra achievement or trophy at the crafting table. Learn how it’s done with our recipe guide.

Returning to it’s teen-friendly comedic roots, the developers at Telltale Games tell a narrative story with all those familiar Minecraft building blocks. This isn’t Telltale‘s first release with an established IP, but how they handle the gameplay, in their own way, is unique.

It isn’t often you’ll find a secret achievement or trophy in a Telltale adventure, but the first episode of Story Mode includes one — one only Minecraft veterans will spot. Whether you’re new to the franchise or an old master, we’ll show you how to start “Leveraging Resources” with these step-by-step instructions.

Leveraging Resources Achievement Guide

To unlock this achievement / trophy, play until you reach Episode 1: Chapter 2 and the Crafting Table sequence.

Instead of crafting the story-related sword using two stones and a stick, let’s use our resources to make something different.

Minecraft super-fans should be able to figure out more crafting options, but for the rest of us, follow the recipe below.

Lever Recipe

XX – WS – XX
XX – CS – XX
XX – XX – XX

  • CS = Cobblestone
  • WS = Wood Stick
  • XX = Empty Space

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Leveraging Resources (20 points / Gold):
    Get creative at the crafting table.

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