Stealth Platformer Gunpoint Gets a Release Date


An upcoming game of spies, puzzles, and hacking can now be preordered through Steam and the Humble Store.

Stealth games have never exactly been my strong suit. I tend to get a little impatient when hiding from guards, and often find myself fleeing from mobs I’d never expected to trigger. That said, I am fascinated by the mechanics behind stealth games, especially ones that let me do something from cover other than waiting. The upcoming Gunpoint could be one such example, challenging players to sneak past deadly obstacles, and hack through those they can’t. If the concept sounds interesting, you’ll also be happy to hear that Gunpoint launches on June 3rd, with preorders now available on both Steam and the Humble Store.

Gunpoint puts players in the over-sized trenchcoat of a freelance spy hired to steal sensitive information. You’ll be provided with a range of high-tech gadgetry to complete your objectives, the most important being your handy Crosslink. This devices lets players view and alter the connections between electrical devices scattered across each level. For example, one could create a connection between a nearby light switch to a trap door, opening access to a new area while dispatching out-of-reach enemies. Gunpoint also allows players to climb walls, survive falls from most heights, and even advance the story by lying to clients.

To sweeten the pot, creator Suspicious Developments is offering three digital editions. A standard purchase provides the game itself, while the special edition includes a soundtrack and developer commentary. If you’re really interested in bonus material however, you’ll want an Exclusive Edition that features additional music tracks, 9 scrapped Gunpoint prototypes, a 40-minute behind-the-scenes video, and access to upcoming Suspicious Developments’ beta games. Preorders are discounted on both digital platforms, although the Humble Store version does include Steam keys and DRM-free versions.

Long-time readers may have noticed that Gunpoint bears some resemblance to another stealth game from this very site, but the featured mechanics sound unique enough to take gameplay in a new direction. Regardless, I’m looking forward to trying my hand at stealth once again, even if I’m frequently driven outside by those wandering guards.

Source: Gunpoint, via Joystiq

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