Steam Adds Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition In July


PC pugilism enthusiasts will have a chance to throw down with Capcom’s latest fighter this July, courtesy Valve’s downloadable gaming service.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (henceforth SSF4:AE) includes the 35 characters present in Super Street Fighter IV and adds Street Fighter III favorites Yun and Yang, as well as Evil Ryu (aka “Satsui no Hadou Ryu” to those hardcore canon geeks) and Oni, an even more demonic version of Akuma.

Additionally, SSF4:AE also includes new gameplay balance changes and a revamped replay system that allows gamers to more easily spectate matches between the game’s best players.

SSF4:AE is the third incarnation of Street Fighter IV, the latest game in a beloved series directly responsible for the popularity of the one-on-one fighting game genre. Despite a decade-long dip in popularity, both 2008’s Street Fighter IV and 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV were wildly successful, igniting the current fighting game renaissance which spawned Mortal Kombat 9, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and the BlazBlue series.

While the original Street Fighter IV was released for the PC, Capcom cited concerns over rampant piracy on the platform as justification for Super Street Fighter IV appearing only on consoles. There’s no word on why the publisher has had a change of heart for SSF4:AE.

Though the game won’t go live until July, players can pre-purchase the title via the Steam store for $40. Social butterflies can also distribute the game amongst friends with the $120 four-pack.

Source: Steam

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