Steam Controller Delayed to 2015

Steam Controller redesign

Valve says that it has received a lot of feedback regarding its controller, and needs a bit more time to perfect it.

“Delay” seems to be the word of the month this May, as Valve has now also announced that despite initially aiming for a 2014 release window, it is now looking at 2015 for the release of its Steam controller.

“We’re now using wireless prototype controllers to conduct live playtests, with everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers,” Valve’s Eric Hope said in a new update on Valve’s Steam Machine hardware. “It’s generating a ton of useful feedback, and it means we’ll be able to make the controller a lot better. Of course, it’s also keeping us pretty busy making all those improvements. Realistically, we’re now looking at a release window of 2015, not 2014.”

Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the Steam controller will have noticed it has gone through quite a face-lift since its initial reveal, ditching the odd touch-screen interface for a more traditional layout.

“Our number one priority is making sure that when you [get your hands on the Steam controller], you’ll be getting the best gaming experience possible,” stressed Hope.

Previously, a report from an inside source suggested the controller was being prepped for a November launch, and that it was the last thing that Steam Machines manufacturers were waiting for before shipping out the hardware.

Source: Steam Universe via Polygon

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