Steam In-Home Streaming Now Available for All Users

Steam In-home Streaming

Steam’s in-home streaming feature has left its beta process and is now up and running for all users.

For some time now Valve has been investing in the goal of making its Steam service and PC games in general, easier and more convenient to use. Arguably at the center of its efforts in turn has been the development of in-home streaming options that would allow Steam users to stream games from their computer of choice to any other PC in the house. Sadly, this feature has only been available to a few select gamers lucky enough to try it as a part of its beta testing.

That, at least, was the case up until today when Valve announced that the beta trials had finally come to its end and that it will be opening in-home streaming to all of its 75 million users. According to an official page urging players to “start streaming today,” the feature is now live and accessible via a few easy steps. To use it, all one has to do into two Steam equipped computers on the same network and then “visit your Steam library to start streaming between them.”

What remains to be seen now, is just widely gamers use the feature, especially considering some of its negatives. For instance, while in-home streaming can makes it possible for lower tech machines to play games normally outside of their performance level, the process also completely monopolizing the PC being streamed from. Just personally, I love the idea of being able to play more intense PC games without being chained to my computer desk, even if it means rendering another computer useless in the process. What’s your take? Will you be using in-home streaming now that it’s available, or were you happy playing from the confines of your desk?

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