Steam to Decimate Wallets with Daily Deals

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Valve has ramped up its sustained assault on your bank balance.

Pretty much everyone knows that you can get some great deals on Steam if you wait for the sales, scooping up games for a mere fraction of what they’d usually cost. But in a move sure to terrify wallets everywhere, Valve has decided that its Steam sales don’t come often enough, and is having a small one every day.

Valve has announced its new “Daily Deals” scheme. As the name suggest every day a different game will be up for grabs at a different rate. Each sale will go on for 24 hours, so you can check at your leisure, rather than having to race to get to it. The day’s deal will show up on the front page of Steam, as well as Steam’s Facebook and Twitter pages. At time of writing, the game on offer is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which has had a whopping 75% cut off its price. If that’s not to your taste, the next deal comes round at 6PM GMT, or 1PM EST.

This is a great opportunity for gamers to grab some games that they might have missed in the past, or to try out something that they might ordinarily have passed on. That impulse buy isn’t such a big deal when it only costs a few bucks, and you never know, you might find something that you didn’t know you liked.

Source: Steam

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