Before becoming one of America’s most respected and widely-recognized political commentators, Stephen Colbert tasted a different kind of media success in the 80s with his band Stephen and the Colberts, and the Rock Band version of their big hit song “Charlene” is now available free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

The song, a near-staple of 80s new wave pop music, is a tribute to an ex-girlfriend and cousin of Colbert’s, who he remained dedicated to despite the numerous restraining orders she had taken out against him. The track was the biggest hit single for the band, which featured Colbert on lead vocals and guitar.

There has been no word yet whether the song will be released over the PlayStation Network, but in the meantime, PS3 owners and other unfortunates who aren’t Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get an earful (and eyeful) of the classic 80s track from Stephen and the Colberts via YouTube.

Source: Joystiq

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