The former CEO of Apple will have his own biopic out soon.

Technology figures have had their fair share of the spotlight in recent years. 2010’s The Social Network examination into the birth of Facebook shed a light onto Mark Zuckerberg’s personal life, while former Apple computer architect Steve Wozniak was on Dancing with the Stars in 2009. But other than the dramatic retelling of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the made-for-TV drama Pirates of Silicon Valley, there hasn’t been a depiction of the former Apple CEO in popular culture. Jobs was notorious about restricting how his life was chronicled, but before his death he agreed to let Walter Isaacson – editor of Time – write Jobs’ authorized biography. Rumors are swirling around Hollywood that Sony Pictures has put up to $3 million to purchase the rights to make Isaacson’s book into a movie.

The biography was originally called iSteve: the Book Of Jobs but such a tongue-in-cheek title seemed to be disrespectful given the recent departure of the subject. Isaacson compiled the 448-page tome now just called Steve Jobs from more than 40 conversations with Jobs before he died and countless questions put to the people close to him both professionally and personally.

Mark Gordon is set to produce the film adaptation and he seems like a perfect choice given his experience with The Social Network and Moneyball in turning non-fiction books into compelling films.

Unlike the people who mourned Jobs last week with tearful vigils and endless Facebook posts, I don’t have a sentimental connection to the former CEO, but I respect that he was very good at what he did. I would see a movie based on his life just as long as it had a dramatic hook to it. The guy who made good business decisions doesn’t seem like that interesting of a main character to me.

Unless maybe he had dyslexia or something.

Source: Deadline

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