Stock Up On Undead Repellant At The Zombie Apocalypse Store


Emergency kits? Check. Zombie ammo? Check. World War Z? Check. Yup, this zombie store has everything you’ll need to ride out the undead apocalypse.

Next time you need some emergency supplies, you might want to head on over to the Zombie Apocalypse Store in (where else?) Las Vegas.’s Travels With Woot video podcast recently spent some time at the shop and it looks like the perfect place to shop for both George Romero fans and folks who just want to be prepared for a possible disaster.

Not only can you pick up things like Grab N Go kits and water filters, but you can also snag DVDs, T-shirts, and that strange zombie-specific ammunition made by Hornady. The video of the store makes it look like an absolute scream to visit, and it seems like there’s something here for just about everyone. I was particularly impressed by the bleeding zombie gun range targets.

Now, if you can’t make it to the store in person, there’s an official website that has a digital storefront with a pretty wide range of items to peruse. If you can manage a real world visit, though, do me a favor: Figure out what the dinosaur on the roof of the building has to do with fighting zombies, will you?

Source: Woot

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