Stop Motion Transformers Battle Has “The Touch”


YouTube user Harris Loureiro has produced an epic stop motion battle pitting Optimus Prime against a team of evil mecha.

You know what’s cool? Stop motion animation. It’s also, sadly, something you don’t see too much of these days on account of it being incredibly time consuming and about a thousand times more difficult to do well than it is to simply toss a scene together made with CGI. That said, sometimes it’s just worth it to do things the hard way; something exhibited in a recently released fan made Transformers stop motion sequence.

Made by YouTuber Harris Loureiro, Attack on Giant features a battle between Make Toy’s Constructions and a Laser Optimus Prime toy. The video, simply put, is nothing short of awesome, combining some great stop motion (captured with Dragonframe) and computer generated special affects to piece together a fight scene that feels about a thousand times more faithful to the original vision of the Transformers than anything a certain series of popular films has produced. Loureiro earns bonus points, of course, for using Stan Bush’s The Touch in the video.

The only unfortunate thing about this video is the act that it actually could have been even better than it already is. In the video’s description, Loreiro confirms that he actually had more footage that was lost on a faulty hard drive and that he wasn’t able to replicate on account of his having sold the involved toys during a time of financial difficulty. As unfortunate as that is, we hope he’s proud of the work he was able to complete as it’s pretty danged fantastic.

Source: YouTube

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