The weather-warping X-Man and the double-agent street fighter will be bumping heads in Capcom’s crossover brawler.

Last month, we learned that there were ten characters yet to be announced for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It looks like that number is now down to eight, as Capcom has revealed one new fighter from each the Marvel and Capcom side of things.

On the Marvel side, we have weather goddess/mutant Storm, a fan favorite character in MVC2 by virtue of being ridiculously overpowered. She’ll be facing off against Street Fighter‘s C. Viper, a secret agent who made her debut in last year’s Street Fighter IV. Viper’s swanky business suit conceals several sneaky combat gadgets including an electric zapper, meaning that both of these new battle-ready ladies are ready to bring the thunder.

From the character reveals posted above, both C. Viper and Storm look like they’d be pretty fun to play, but I’m leaning more in the direction of Ms. Viper than ol’ Ororo. I mean, Tony Stark takes advantage of the pre-battle quotes to hit on her – isn’t that worth something?

Though I have to admit, the idea of playing an all-divine team of Storm, Thor and Amaterasu is pretty enticing. I can’t lie.

Marvel 3 is out in February.

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