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A new trailer for Panixel Entertainment’s UnFound premiered during today’s stream of The Escapist Indie Showcase. In it, you can see some of the tactical stealth gameplay it will offer players once it releases next year and the beautiful world it takes place in.

UnFound places players in control of a previously deactivated robot that mysteriously awakens to find itself on an adventure of self-discovery and what it means to be alive. Throughout the story, players will spark an uprising of clones as they attempt to tear down the system that takes advantage of so many of its inhabitants.

The stealth gameplay in UnFound is a mixture of genre mainstays put in a more modern shell. Every level has been hand-crafted to encourage players to use different skills and find multiple solutions to avoid being spotted. Colored vision cones will let you know where guards are looking, and a tactical view can be unlocked later on to analyze the map and plot out your moves before putting your plan into motion. There are additionally other clones that can be reprogrammed and saved while also being used to solve puzzles.

The March 2021 stealth title is the creation of Mohsen Mousavi, who has designed and developed the game himself. He has a history of working in television and films as a visual effects supervisor and even won an Emmy Award for his work on the final season of Game of Thrones. Other notable projects he has worked on include Independence Day: Resurgence and The Meg, and his ability to create eye-catching visuals is seen all throughout UnFound.

The self-published title can be added to your Steam wishlist, and more information is on the developer’s website.

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