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Street Fighter 6 Showcase Reveals Demo & First 4 DLC Characters

A Street Fighter 6 demo is live now on some platforms, and Year One DLC characters are revealed: Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma.

The Street Fighter 6 Showcase has come and gone. And surprisingly, Lil Wayne was not in it much. There was a lot of information relayed. Details on World Tour, avatars, and accessibility options were some key highlights. In addition, the first four DLC characters were revealed for Street Fighter 6 Year One — Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma — and a Street Fighter 6 demo is now up for PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) players.

Street Fighter 6 Demo Live Now & Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma Introduced

Here is the showcase in full, in case you missed it:

There’s some cool stuff in there. I especially like the training options, as well as the ability to play Street Fighter II. Meanwhile, here are all of the highlights of the new single-player open-world World Tour mode, straight from Capcom:

  • We showed off an all-new location in World Tour called Nayshall, a developing nation tucked away in a remote corner of Asia. You’ll meet iconic Masters and experience the world of Street Fighter with your own custom avatar as you hit the streets of Metro City, Nayshall, and other locations around the world in this new single-player story mode.
  • We introduced a number of RPG elements as well. You can consume items and food during battle or at eateries to recover Vitality, acquire buffs, or inflict debuffs. As you level up your avatar, you’ll earn Skill Points to spend on a Skill Tree to further customize your tailor-made move set.
  • Become a student of your favorite Masters – including all 18 launch characters – by Enrolling in their style and learning their Special Moves! Increase your bonds with Masters by giving them presents and completing Missions. Combine all of this to unlock new cutscenes as you form personal connections with these legendary fighters.

Of course, one of the main attractions was the reveal of the first batch of Street Fighter 6 DLC characters:

Rashid returns from Street Fighter V this summer. The brand new fighter A.K.I. makes her debut this fall. Ed from Street Fighter V comes back to the fray in the winter of 2024. And series mainstay Akuma brings his fists to the table in the spring of 2024. Hopefully, Ed will be less of an annoying jerk.

If you want to try out the various modes of Street Fighter 6 now, then there is a demo available:

If you are gaming on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can download the demo now. Players on Xbox Series X | S or PC will have access starting on April 26 at 12 a.m. PT. I always thought timed exclusivity was dumb, but to apply it to a demo takes it to another level of stupidity. Regardless, you can create a custom avatar in the demo that can transfer over to the full game upon release.

Street Fighter 6 will launch on June 2 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

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