Ryu and gang won’t be getting any new sparring partners by way of downloadable content, because Capcom believes character DLC could split the player base.

Street Fighter IV featured a roster of fighters designed to appease series fans and nostalgia whores, but it still left some people with much to desire. Where are the Street Fighter 3 characters? They whined. Where’s Dudley? Where’s Ibuki? And where, damn it all, is Skullomania?

We’ll probably see some of these fighters (not Skullomania, sadly) make it into Street Fighter IV eventually, but it won’t be happening via DLC. “No plans for additional DLC right now,” Capcom’s Seth Killian told Gaming Union. “We want the core game to be a completely functional package, and character DLC could split the user-base.”

SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono had previously stated that T-Hawk and Deejay, two Super Street Fighter 2 characters who didn’t make the cut, were originally planned to be in the game, and that some work was actually completed on them. If there were to be adequate demand, Ono said, those two might eventually make their way into Street Fighter IV.

Now we know they won’t be doing that via DLC. So you can start waiting for Street Fighter IV: Championship Jr. Edition Remix EX Shut Up & Jam, or you can just be happy with what we’ve already got.

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