Joey Ansah’s fan film Street Fighter: Legacy is short, but it makes up for every terrible Street Fighter movie released before. Yeah, it’s that good.

Wow. Joey Ansah is best known for his role as an assassin in The Bourne Ultimatum, but I love this guy for a completely different reason now. He’s behind the three minute Street Fighter: Legacy short film, showing the world how to make a Street Fighter movie that isn’t a complete piece of garbage.

And not only is it the opposite of garbage, Street Fighter: Legacy is downright awesome. It starts off acknowledging the game’s lore, with Ryu having a nightmare of his fight with the enigmatic Akuma. After waking, he resumes his journey to become the strongest in the world, when Ken catches up to him. They fight, of course.

Ansah’s version of Ken vs. Ryu is almost a perfect recreation of one of their in-game battles, but better. Everything from the heaving “at rest” animations to actual basic moves are performed by Legacy‘s actors and they really fit their parts. Plus, just when you think there won’t be any special effects, Ryu busts out a Hadouken (fireball). Ken busts out a flaming Shoryuken (dragon punch). And just as I finish saying “Holy Crap!” the film ends.

So what’s next for Legacy? Nothing yet. Ansah was sick of all the Street Fighter movie sadness given to the world and worked hard with a bunch of other people to make this fan project happen. But for now, that’s all it is: an incredibly amazing fan film that needs to be turned into something more. Lightning has been known to strike sometimes.

Via: Collider

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