Strut Your Stuff in Project Runway: The Video Game


A game based on fashion reality show Project Runway is slated to be hitting the Nintendo Wii next spring – and yes, you can use the Wii Balance Board to get your runway walk on.

I’m going to admit that I know nothing about Project Runway other than the fact that my mom absolutely loves it, and so does Escapist Senior Editor Susan Arendt. There are fashion designers, and they’re competing, and then they dress models up in their clothing … that’s about the extent of my knowledge, really.

Apparently, enough people like it that the makers have decided to turn it into a videogame, reports Atari, with a planned release date of Spring 2010 (along with everything else, ever). The game will involve series host Heidi Klum and fashion consultant Tim Gunn in some fashion, though details are reportedly being worked out:

The game will largely follow of the format of the TV show, with players competing as aspiring fashion designers and presented with different challenges as they create designs and outfit models with hair, makeup and accessories. Players can then become the model and strut their creations down the runway using the Wii Balance Board or take on the role of a fashion photographer and document their designs.

The big winner here may well be Atari – Project Runway is a popular show, drawing 4.2 million viewers on average per week, and there’s unlikely to be much overlap in the demographics of “Project Runway fans” and “hardcore gamers,” my boss nonwithstanding. So if there’s a potential audience to capture that hasn’t yet bought a Wii, that’d probably be it.

Personally, though, I’m waiting to see if they’ll get in touch with Right Said Fred for soundtrack licensing issues. No “I’m Too Sexy”? No deal.

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