Studio Behind Machinarium Launches Experimental Music Video


Machinarium developer Amanita Design’s strange interactive music video Osada is now available for your point-and-click pleasure.

Amanita Design is no stranger to unique, interactive experiences and its next creation is now available in free-to-play form. If you are opposed to interacting with Osada in your browser, you can always drop $2 to download an offline version.

Osada is essentially a series of music tracks that can be toyed with by clicking on the odd visual cues that take place. It’s by no means a challenging experience, but Osada feels more like a point-and-click game as opposed to a video.

I’m not quite sure I understand what in the world was happening while I was playing other than the fact that I was clicking on things and in turn the music changed. I guess that makes sense since the game designer at Amanita, Jakub Dvorsky, described it the music accompanying the experience as “Czech psychedelic country.” If you want to see one of the projects Amanita has been working on since Machinarium, Osada is certainly worth glancing at.

Source: Twitter

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