Study Finds PS3 Most Likely to Be Online


A study has reported that in the United States, the PS3 has the highest percentage of broadband connected consoles when compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Researchers at The Diffusion Group found that 78% of all PS3 owners in the US have their console hooked up to the internet, just edging out the 73% of Xbox 360 owners who did the same. Both of those were considerably further ahead of the Nintendo Wii’s 54% rate of internet connectivity – which isn’t exactly surprising given that Sony and Microsoft push their online content much more than Nintendo does.

“Today’s game consoles are increasingly connected to the internet, not just to enhance their gaming experience but to access the growing variety of online media-video,” said Diffusion Group director of research Michael Greeson of the results of the survey, which polled 2,000 adult broadband users here in the States.

Considering that Xbox Live is traditionally seen as more “core” to the Xbox 360 experience than the PlayStation Network is to the PS3, this is very interesting information. While some might argue that the slightly higher rate on the PS3 is due to PSN being free to use, so is Xbox Live Silver – which was probably (though not assuredly) counted in the survey.

However, the PS3 might have one crucial advantage here: Built-in wireless functionality. That alone could be a huge boost for homes where running wires all over the place (or shelling out an extra $100 for the wireless adapter) just isn’t practical.

And, as we all know, having a PS3 without an internet connection is like having a bathroom without aromatherapy candles: Sure, it gets the job done, but come on!

Bless you, Kevin Butler.


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