Elbow swords, cyborg bartenders and robot tanks; the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer has it all.

As jaw-droppingly gorgeous as the cinematic trailers for Deus Ex: Human Revolution were, they didn’t do much to show off the actual game itself, leaving fans in the dark as to whether this really was a worthy successor to the original Deus Ex, or just some disappointing attempt to cash in on the brand.

But this new trailer, released in time for the gamecom 2010 conference next week, throws a bit more light on the matter. It’s still mainly cutscenes, but this time it’s in-engine, rather than pre-rendered, and they’re interspersed with tantalizing glimpses of the game being actually being played.

I must admit, this trailer – more than any of the others – has gotten me really excited about the Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Unfortunately, it’ll be early next year before I – and the rest of the hopeful Deus Ex fans – will find out if that excitement was warranted.

Source: Voodoo Extreme

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