Future stuntman Joe Danger is the star of an upcoming digital release worth checking out if you have fond memories of Excitebike.

Joe Danger is one of those titles that might be a little under the radar, but shouldn’t be. The latest trailer, courtesy of GameTrailers, will give everyone out there a good idea of whether it’s going to be something they’re into or not.

Mix Excitebike with Trials HD and you’ve got yourself Joe Danger. It’s both a single-player and multiplayer game that tasks motorcycle stuntman Joe Danger to complete a course. Along the way, he’ll be doing wheelies, jumps, flips, ramming piles of hay bales, jumping logs and spikes, collecting coins, and more. It looks like some very simple, but possibly challenging a la Trials HD fun.

In addition to looking like some lighthearted entertainment, Joe Danger will come with a level creator. Plop down 50 buses or 100 cars and make the little guy jump over them Evil Knievel style, or generate a massive motorbike maze and then share it with the world. This is a great type of game to include such a feature with, and it looks fast and easy to use.

Joe Danger is being developed by Hello Games. It will be a digital release, and speculation puts it at least on the PlayStation Network for now (notice the level editor portion shows PS3 controller inputs), but Hello Games hasn’t made an official announcement about any platforms yet. Keep an eye out for more information soon.

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