Sucker Punch Movie Makes First TV Appearance

The very first TV spots for Sucker Punch pack samurai, robots and a dragon into a little over a minute.

Between them, American McGee and Zack Snyder seem to be conspiring to make 2011 the year of the girls-battling-bizarre-foes-in-a-fantastical-dreamscape. McGee has the end of the year covered with Alice: Madness Returns, and Snyder is handling the start of the year with the movie Sucker Punch, a film that TV audiences got its very first glimpse of this weekend.

There are actually two TV spots to watch. The first shows the main character Baby Doll in an oppressive, real-world environment, which is quickly contrasted with the warzone inside her mind. There she battles a giant samurai wielding miniguns and dragons, while things explode left, right, and center. The second spot takes a slightly different approach, hinting at how Baby Doll ended up in an institution, and then quickly juxtaposes that with more of her crazy mental exploits. This trailer has more giant samurai, but this time they have traditional weapons. There are also robots, a blimp, and what looks like a Helghast from Killzone in a World War 1 trench.

Some people will have seen a lot of this before in other, longer trailers, but for a lot of people this this will be their first look at the movie. It seems a better fit for Snyder’s directing style then Watchmen was, and should give him plenty of opportunity for the over-the-top, slow motion action that he does so well.

Sucker Punch hits theaters on March 25th.

Source: Blastr

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