The Summer E Games have come to a close and the final rankings have been published. May the closing ceremonies begin!

Congratulations to Canada for placing first in this year’s Summer E Games! A round of applause for the United States for coming in second and Denmark for bringing home the Bronze.

As for individual winners, the community member with the highest overall score is Fanboy from Canada with 48 points and 10 medals! Amazing!

Coming in second for this year’s Summer E Games, with 27 points and 5 medals is Sune26 from Sweden. Well done!

And coming in third out of 266 competitors, with 3 medals and 18 points, from Ireland, Epitome! Great job!

This ends our first ever Summer E Games. Congratulations to all the competitors from around the world and we look forward to next year’s competition. Keep checking in with The Escapist for similar events in the very near future.

For a full list of events and their winners, please visit the Medalist Page and thank you to everyone who participated for making this such a great event!

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