Super Academy Brings the Action to The Escapist


The Escapist is excited to announce that we’re teaming up to bring Kickstarter success Super Academy to you, our favorite people on the internet. The series doesn’t kick off until Friday, September 4, but you can check out the crime-fighting trailer right here, right now!

Super Academy is an action-comedy mini-series based on the short film of the same name, that Hot Chocolate Media (created by Ben Lifson, Jacob Gulliver, and Kyle Dekker) has developed into mini-series event. In a world where superpowers are commonplace, the hero industry gets a bit more competitive, so aspiring heroes must earn their degree if they want to stand a chance of living their dream of a career in heroism. As with any hero story, there are also the villains who stand in their path to academic prosperity, and threaten their very lives. There’s certainly a great benefit to having well-trained heroes about, though, so a higher education system has been created to train the next generation of professional heroes, and it is called; Super Academy.

College life is more than just lectures and parties, of course. Forging friendships is an integral part of the college experience, but at Super Academy, you’d be wise to be cautious about who you affiliate with. You’ll never get along with everybody, so these to-be heroes must establish a bond of trust with whoever they can, to help them both reach their potential.

College is a bit different for folks with powers, though, as sitting in the back of the room isn’t a problem when you have superhuman senses, and running late to class is never a problem when you can just teleport directly to your seat! Whether you’re studying hand-to-hand bad guy clobbering, like the Powerkid with his super strength, or honing your telepathic abilities, Super Academy will teach you everything you need to know in order to thrive in your most noble of career choices.

Super Academy is a four-part series, which will air every Friday in September right here on The Escapist, beginning September 4th and concluding on September 25th!

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