Relive the devastating fourth quarter interception of a Peyton Manning pass in Super Bowl XLIV with the digital recreation of the play in Tecmo Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Super 44 for the franchise’s first championship. But their victory was not assured until Tracy Porter picked off a Peyton Manning pass in the fourth quarter and returned it for a touchdown. Now you can relive that moment again and again in the only way a gaming geek would want to, in the pixels of Tecmo Super Bowl. Youtube user, MrNFL, used the Super NES version of the game, emulated with a ROM containing 2009 player’s names and stats, to recreate the play. He uses the real audio from the announcers during the Super Bowl over the play, which makes it seem all the more authentic.

That’s not the only play that MrNFL has uploaded to Youtube. He also has painstakingly recreated Brett Favre’s improbable pass to Greg Lewis in the Vikings’ Week #3 win over the 49ers, among many other highlights this season. He seems to have gotten his start with this meme two years ago by showing Eli Manning’s pass to David Tyree in Super XLII.

I have to admit that these videos make me more happy than they should.

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