Super Mario Maker Speedrunner has Stages Deleted


Nintendo has failed to provide a clear reason as to why David “GrandPOObear” Hunt’s levels were removed.

Popular Twitch streamer and speedrunner GrandPOObear was shocked to find out Monday Morning that his Mario Maker levels were wiped from his profile.

I asked David “GrandPOObear” Hunt how he got involved with the Super Mario Maker community. “I started playing launch day, but i would say i got really hooked after playing my first Panga level Skyzo a week later. It opened up a world of super hard levels to me that I just can’t get enough of. Its like Mario Souls to me.”

Hunt was scheduled to make an appearance at the Calfornithon speedrunning exhibition on March 25th.

He uploaded a video of his call to Nintendo customer support, but he was unable to get any sort of clear answer as to why these deletions had occurred. This wasn’t the first time David Hunt had personally investigated the deletions of his Super Mario Maker levels, having a similar situation happen to him back in January of this year.

Hunt explained to me how these deletions affect his enjoyment of the game. “I have no desire to create levels in Mario Maker anymore. I have little desire to play it at this very moment (I have to as I am playing it in a Marathon, @californithon this Friday) I instead plan to make a Rom Hack for SMB3 because I miss the SMB3 Physics but Nintendo can’t delete my rom hack from the internet. It will live forever no matter what. A few other “popular” creators have been talking about doing the same thing as well. I have no problem playing by Nintendo’s rules, but no one seems to know what they are, and Nintendo for whatever reason does not think we deserve to know.”

Looking at his Super Mario Maker profile, one can see the amount of time that Hunt puts into the game. Losing over 90000 lives and clearing over 600 courses in his play history is highly extraordinary. Unfortunately, the deletions of Hunt’s levels means the stars he earned from them are also removed. “When levels are deleted for vulgarity, glitches, ect, creators have kept their stars. The only time players lose stars is when they have cheated or plagiarized others levels. Now I am at risk of being labeled a cheater by people who won’t read the gaming news. despite me playing live on stream every day, and in front of an audience at AGDQ,” Hunt explains.

It was previously reported that Nintendo can delete Super Mario Maker levels automatically based on low popularity, but the steps taken by Nintendo in the case of David Hunt seem to step beyond that.

Source: YouTube

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