Super Meat Boy Come to PC, Brings Goo Balls and Headcrabs with Him


An announcement from Team Meat slates the PC release of Super Meat Boy for Nov. 30 and reveals two more playable characters, the Headcrab and Ball of Goo.

Super Meat Boy, the critically acclaimed, super-difficult platformer from indie developer Team Meat, is finally making it’s way to the PC Nov. 30. The preorder is on sale via Steam, where you can pick it up at a 33 percent discount, so you’ll only be spending about 10 dollars on the game. In addition, downloading the game from Steam will net you the Headcrab bonus character, who will be similar to the Xbox-only character Gish, but with more horizontal jumping power.

Even if you choose not to get the game from Steam, you’ll still be able to grab an inexplicably cute bonus character, a Goo Ball from indie game World of Goo. It will play exactly like Gish but will be much, much cuter.

Team Meat is remaining tight-lipped about the 2 secret bonus characters that will be available with the PC version of the game in addition to the already announced Mr. Minecraft and Captain Viridian, saying only that “one of them changes form, and one of them isn’t organic.”

Source: via Videogamer

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