Super Meat Boy was planned to cost a certain amount when it came out, but now it’ll cost less.

In a move that may unfortunately confuse people, Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat has announced that it’s holding a sale for the platformer from the moment it’s released on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, October 20. While it was originally going to be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), it’ll now cost just 800 ($10).

However, this sale won’t last forever. Super Meat Boy‘s price is expected to rise “back” to $15 once the sale expires. With the holiday season so close, Team Meat wanted to do something special, but didn’t want to screw over anyone that had supported the game just a month or two earlier at release.

The idea here was to give a holiday present to Super Meat Boy‘s earliest supporters. Team Meat says the discount will end “in November,” but didn’t give an exact date. This may be one of the first times a game has ever gone on sale at release, aside from pre-order discounts on Steam and whatnot. Team Meat confirmed the sale with Microsoft on friday and it apparently loved the idea.

Super Meat Boy‘s 90s commercial explains what it’s about pretty adequately. It’s a sometimes fast-paced platformer starring a cube of meat that must rescue his girlfriend. Super Meat Boy will have free DLC in its XBLA release but is also coming to the Wii and PC at a later date.

I can see at least a few people becoming confused, or possibly upset over this sale, even though it is a really nice gesture. For those that don’t understand why the game spikes up 50% in price in a couple of weeks, it might be a detriment to buy the game later. On the other hand, it’s just one more reason to read The Escapist every day, where we regularly inform you of these things.

Source: Team Meat

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