Super Mega Baseball 2 Has Been Delayed to 2018

Metalhead Software has announced that Super Mega Baseball 2 won’t make its planned September 2017 release date.

Gamers have grown accustomed to release date delays. With the feature-rich games being developed these days, it seems like a lot of them end up missing their planned release dates. The latest game to fall victim to this is Super Mega Baseball 2, as developer Metalhead Software announced today that the upcoming title has been delayed into next year. Although the game has been delayed, Metalhead is showing off how lineup management will work in a new trailer

The delay was announced in a letter (and a video), in which Metalhead wrote, “As it often goes in game development there were unexpected hurdles, and the September release is no longer feasible. We’ve been working around the clock to complete the game but there are still features that aren’t finished yet. And where we’re sitting now, to release it by September would mean having to cut a lot of corners. And we do not want to give you a game that you won’t be happy with.

“If we pushed, we could probably get a decent game out by the end of the year. But we released the original SMB in December so we know from experience that baseball in winter is a tough sell. We don’t want to put ourselves (or the future of the game) in that position again, so we’ve decided to delay the game until 2018 when baseball is spinning up again.”

There’s no word yet on exactly when in 2018 the game will release, but the news that Metalhead thinks it could push the game out by year end if it pushed makes it sound like we could at least see SMB2 in the first half of next year.

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