The rumors from yesterday are true – Capcom has announced Super Street Fighter IV for 2010, a stand-alone update of SF4 that brings eight new fighters to the table.

Gamespot has the full skinny: SSF4 will bump up the existing character roster of 25 by adding eight new fighters, three of whom have been revealed thus far. Juri is a new female character, a nimble Tae Kwon Do practitioner from Korea, whereas Super Street Fighter II combatants T. Hawk and Dee Jay will be making a return.

This, of course, leaves five unannounced characters, and while it’s possible that some of them could be original fighters like Juri, it’s probable that some of them will be fan favorites from other games as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Dudley and Ibuki from Street Fighter III, personally.

SSF4‘s pre-existing fighters will get an overhaul, too. New Ultra attacks will be added, and balance issues will be addressed based on feedback from the community and testers – so hopefully Sagat won’t be quite so overpowered anymore. According to producer Yoshinori Ono, the game would include a superior online system (including a long-awaited lobby feature) but consequently would not be compatible with plain ol’ SF4.

That, of course, is the crux of the matter – unlike, say, Fallout 3, this won’t be a simple DLC update for people who already have Street Fighter IV. Super SF4 will be a retail-disc release, though it won’t be a full-price game. While I’m glad to hear that it won’t be sold at full price, any and all enthusiasm will be tempered depending on how much it will sell for.

After all, didn’t gamers get tired of buying the same game over and over again back around the time Super Street Fighter II Turbo rolled around?

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