Super Time Force Ultra On PS4 and Vita Will Feature Journey And The Order: 1886 Characters


Yoshida-san calls for reinforcements.

When Super Time Force Ultra releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, there will be some familiar faces from the Sony family added to its already hefty roster of playable characters. Developer Capybara Games has announced today the robed hero of Journey and Sir Galahad of The Order: 1886 will be included in the new edition. This makes three exclusive characters for the PS4/Vita version, as the pair join Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, who debuted in the first announcement of the port.

First released for Xbox consoles and PCs in 2014, Super Time Force Ultra follows the zany adventures of a time traveling commando unit through 2D platforming shooter gameplay inspired by Contra. Players assemble a squad from more than a dozen unique characters, progressing through six bullet-riddled stages with the help of a time loop mechanic allowing fallen heroes to be rescued by revisiting their last moments with a different squad member to prevent their death.

As seen in screenshots and the adorable trailer accompanying the announcement, Sir Galahad brings along an Arc Induction Lance to fire bolts of electricity at enemies. More interesting is Journey‘s traveler, whose scarves deal damage as they trail behind or when flung forward and appears to require a totally different approach to combat.

Players of the new version will also discover Trophy challenges for the new characters and some of the original cast.

Super Time Force Ultra is planned to release for PS4 and PS Vita later this spring, and will be offered as a cross-buy title.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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