Duct Tape artist Rianna uses everyone’s favorite quick fix tool to create cool tributes to nerdy franchises.

Duct tape. It’s the everyman’s repair tool. The bonding strip of champions. When something breaks and you’re not intelligent enough to fix it properly, you can always count on duct tape to hold things together past the point of no return.

While most look at duct tape as just an apparatus for half-assed repairs however, there are some who look at it as a means to artistic ends. DuctTapeDesigns artist Rianna, for instance, uses duct tape to create pieces of art that we’d happily use to cover the holes in our walls.

Her most recent piece, for instance, was a bright and colorful take on the Superman symbol. That said, the full gamut of her work covers a variety of franchises and subjects including Marvel and DC superheroes, Star Wars, Aliens, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. According to Rianna, the time and effort involved in creating these works varies from piece to piece.

“[My] stained glass styled Avengers was 24×36 inches and took well over 20 hours,” said Rianna. “The stained glass styled Avengers was 24×36 inches and took well over 20 hours.” She would go on to explain that she creates her art by selecting an existing poster or photo to use as a template. Once she has one she likes she then uses layers of duct tape to create the desired backgrounds and colors, followed by smaller pieces cut out individually with an X-Acto knife for the more precise details. Once everything’s in place she covers it all in a layer of transparent tape to “to keep the colored pieces in place and to prevent dust/hair from getting stuck to it.”

The sheer fact that she was able to put these together at all without fumbling the tape and getting it stuck in the wrong spot has earned our applause. Take a look at Rianna’s work (courtesy of DeviantArt) and let us know what you think.

Source: DeviantArt

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