Superman Joins DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis


Turbine has announced that the Man of Steel will now be a playable character in its DC-centric MOBA Infinite Crisis.

You’d think that the first character you’d pop into a MOBA based on the DC Universe would be Superman. He is, after all, the original superhero and a classic staple of DC’s comic business. Despite this, Turbine’s Infinite Crisis has been markedly lacking the Man of Steel since it first began its beta. That being the case, the developer has now announced that the last son of Krypton will finally be joining the game’s ranks as a playable champion.

Described in a character video as “a powerful bruiser who excels at initiating and finishing team fights,” Superman will feature a variety of attacks based around his well-documented powers and invulnerability. For instance, his passive ability Man of Steel will grant him temporary damage shielding every time the player uses one of his special abilities. These abilities will include moves like Kryptonian Might, which will amplify his next basic attack for extra damage, as well as superpowers like Frost Breath and Heat Damage. Superman’s ultimate attack will be Speeding Bullet, which will fire him straight at a targeted enemy dealing damage to any foes unfortunate enough to cross his path.

While we won’t go so far as to say that Superman’s addition is a landmark moment in Infinite Crisis‘s ongoing development, it at least seems prudent considering the game already boasts three versions of Batman and Wonder Woman as well as a whole smorgasbord of arguably less important DC characters. It’s not that Green Lantern or the Joker aren’t important mind you, it’s just that they’re not freaking Superman.

Source: Infinite Crisis

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