Gas Powered Games is working on a standalone expansion to Supreme Commander, the epic-scale real-time strategy title released earlier this year.

Titled Forged Alliance, it will use the same engine and most of the same graphics as the original, but will feature a new playable race, extra maps, more units for every side, a new storyline campaign and a construction template.

Lead designer Bradley Rebh told Gamespot that the storyline of the expansion will continue where the original left off, with an alien race taking advantage of technologies used in the ongoing conflict to launch an attack, forcing the existing factions into an uneasy alliance.

A new user interface will feature factional skins, along with a base template system which Rebh says will allow the player to “record the position of structures and then issue a single construction order to build copies of the template.”

He added that the alien race’s play style will be somewhat similar to that of the Aeon race, and its unit designs will be enhanced with use of new shader technology.

The game is set to ship this winter.

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