Bossa Studios has added virtual reality support and an adaptation of Meet the Medic to its game about awkward surgery.

Surgeon Simulator 2013, developed in 48 hours for January’s Global Game Jam, challenges players to attempt highly precise surgical procedures on living patients. Thanks to the game’s intentionally awkward controls, this rarely ends well for whoever’s on your table. It’s less of a game than an amusing joke, but Bossa Studios has added some rather unique features in its latest update. For example, Surgeon Simulator now includes full Oculus Rift support, but that isn’t what gamers are specifically excited about. No, the real focus of the update is that it adds Team Fortress 2 characters, specifically the Medic and Heavy, as they recreate the surgery scene from Valve’s Meet the Medic video. Presumably without the bit at the end where the Heavy can fight off an opposing army.

Bossa Studios may have been inspired by Meet the Medic, although all the update seems to do is replace the character on your table. It’s amusing, but the real interesting changes could come from the Oculus Rift, since the game has players fully control the surgeon’s hand instead of inanimate objects. With an alternate control setup, this could be a great opportunity to test the Rift’s immersion and interaction capabilities in a virtual environment. In this case however, I think most players will instead settle on flinging the Heavy’s ribs across the room.

Source: Eurogamer

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