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Join the hunt for Master Chief on our full Halo 5 campaign walkthrough, helping every Spartan achieve victory in any situation. Here you’ll find combat tips and screenshots to guide you through each deadly battlefield.

Halo 5 is all about teamwork, and whether you play online or off, you’ll always have a team of professional Spartans to cover your back. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to assume you’re exploring the galaxy solo. Use the simple commands to keep your AI partners active and crush the Covenant with some of the tips below.

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Table of Contents:

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Table of Contents:


Dr. Halsey is in Covenant custody and it’s up to you to get her back. Drop down to the battlefield and take a moment to get situated before heading directly into battle with your team. Neutralize all enemies in your way in an effort to retrieve Halsey.

Continue forward up the mountain. You can use a double-jump to climb up on ledges. When you come across the ice wall inside of the structure, use your Spartan Charge to break through the ice.

Fight through all of the enemies to reach the Security Station. You can either play it smart (flanking the enemies and taking them out one at a time) or charge straight into battle. When the area is clear, move through the large door into the station.

Use the platforms to reach the controls. Use them to open the door, then exit the Security Station.

Continue forward until you reach another battlefield. Be wary of the Kraken, but do not bother trying to fight it. Use the edge of the battlefield to fight your way forward to the next structure.

Protect Halsey by taking out the nearby Prometheans. Remember to aim for the weak spot on the back and the broken parts of the armor.

Once the area is completely clear, follow the waypoint to retrieve Halsey.

Table of Contents:

Blue Team

Finally, it’s time to play as your old friend Master Chief! Load up your guns and enter the research station with your team. Move towards the data center in an attempt to retrieve the station’s schematics. As always, neutralize any hostiles along the way.

Enter the data center and find a route to the control center. Get into the elevator with your team and descend further into the station. When prompted, charge through the red wall and drop into the hostile area below.

Fight your way to the bridge in front of the control center. After being ambushed by a hunter, listen to Cortana’s message and regroup with your team.

Follow the new path to the central control center. Use your shotgun to clear out the lower levels of the station.

When the time comes, start redirecting your efforts to “asset denial.” Your new objective is to blow up the station to keep it out of Covenant hands. Use the lab access panel to enter the laboratory.

Take out the hunters in the lab. This fight should be fairly simple if you remember two things – command your team to attack specific targets, and aim for the weak spots on the hunter’s back while they are distracted.

Once the hunters are down, move forward to the reactor room. Eliminate the Covenant forces and reach the reactor controls on the other side of the room. The Covenant forces must be neutralized before you can initiate the overload.

Use the control panel to disarm the reactor fail safe. Once the reactor starts to overload, board the reactor to ride it into the next section of the station.

Follow the waypoint to the override controls. Activate them to expose the coolant system.

Steal a nearby banshee and use it to destroy the vents. Afterwards, park the banshee and quickly move towards the hangar.

Locate the Prowler and neutralize all Covenant forces in the area. Locate the Prowler’s launch control panel and prepare the ship for launch. Defend the area until it is ready. Finally, board the ship and head to Meridian with Blue Team.

Table of Contents:

Glassed / Meridian Station

With the Master Chief and his team gone rogue, set out with Fireteam Osiris to Meridian to find him. Before doing anything, you’ll need to help out the residents of Meridian. Ride the elevator down and proceed to Meridian Station.

Head towards the outpost gate and neutralize all Forerunner threats along the way. Follow the waypoint to the turret controls and use them to help clear the area. I would recommend saving a heavy weapon to help take out the Forerunner Knight near the gate.

Once the area is secure, the lockdown will release. Move through the gate and grab a vehicle to proceed towards Meridian Station. Either neutralize or avoid the hostiles on the road.

When prompted, head towards the bridge and assist in securing the area. Once everything is finally quiet, the door to the bridge will open. Continue towards the station.

More of the residents will need your help. Fight your way towards the service garage to assist. Luckily there is a tank waiting for you in the garage. Get inside and start neutralizing all Forerunner threats. Remember, tank beats everything.

Do the Governor a favor and clear the area between yourself and the station. Once you reach the gate, use the tank to defend the area from the waves of heavy Forerunner hostiles. The gate will open once the area is finally clear. Enter Meridian Station.

Keep your weapons down and find Governor Sloan. With his permission, explore the town and listen to the townsfolk for clues about Master Chief and his team. Speak to all of the residents marked on your HUD.

Access the network terminal when prompted. Afterwards, locate and board the nearby pelican.

Table of Contents:


Move forward through the station in an effort to find Blue Team. You will soon come across Promethean hostiles. Clear the area and continue searching for signs of the team.

Locate the team’s Prowler and investigate the access port to retrieve a map of the station’s mines. Once the governor opens the doors, head inside to track down Chief.

Carefully neutralize the hostiles as you move forward. Take cover and be aware of snipers. Long range weaponry is recommended to secure this area. Once the area is clear, the governor will open another door for you.

Head down into the mines to pursue Blue Team. Fight off the Promethean hostiles as you continue towards the Forerunner installation. Investigate the area until you reach the elevator.

Locate the Warden Eternal and prepare for a tough fight. Learn how to fight him now because he will show up numerous times throughout the campaign.

Warden Eternal Battle

To beat the Warden Eternal, have him focus on your fireteam. As selfish at it sounds, you cannot easily take him down if his attention is on you. Direct your team’s fire on him. Aim for the glowing spot on his back and deal as much damage as possible. If possible, find a quiet spot where the Warden cannot reach you and take shots at him from there. Ideally, you should pick up a heavy weapon such as the Incineration Cannon.

Table of Contents:


After your (quite frankly, unsuccessful) run in with the Chief, make your way back to Meridian Station and prepare to evacuate as fast as possible. Grab a vehicle and quickly make your way towards the outpost. Avoid Promethean hostiles until you reach the building.

Reach the space elevator and secure the area so that the Governor will open the doors. You may have more luck in this battle if you find high ground and take hostiles out from a distance. Once all of the Prometheans in the base are dead, the lockdown will lift.

Enter the elevator and move inside. Clear the area and locate the control panel. Use it to activate the elevator.

You will need to fight off waves of hostile Prometheans while the elevator rises. Take cover and simply try to survive the ride. There should be heavy weapons lying around in case the need for them arises.

After the unexpected stop, find an exit and make your way upwards. Neutralize enemies when necessary. When you come across a stash of heavy weapons, arm yourself before continuing. Keep moving until you reach the pelican.

Table of Contents:


Activate the console and start to investigate the facility. Reach the surface of the Forerunner planet and begin to explore the area.

Move towards the large Forerunner structure until you reach a team of Covenant forces. Neutralize them before moving forward. As you continue towards the structure, you will continue to come across Covenant hostiles. Fight your way across the battlefield. To easily neutralize Elite forces, use a charged plasma pistol to take down their shields, then finish them off with a precise shot to the head.

Once you reach the structure, take cover and neutralize the snipers. Use the upper path on the cliff to take out the hostiles. This will give you an advantage over the turrets and ground forces. Once the area is clear, move into the structure.

Access the second console inside of the structure. Take the elevator back down to the surface and head across the light bridge.

Meet with the Warden Eternal during your search for Cortana. Move through the tunnels as you speak with him. You will need to neutralize Promethean hostiles along the way. Take cover and neutralize them from a distance. Use the upper platforms for a tactical advantage.

Move towards the third Forerunner structure. Before you finally reach the structure you will need to defeat the Warden Eternal again. Focus your fire on his back and use your team to distract him.

Once Cortana activates the bridge, move across to the structure. Follow the waypoint to the final activation point. Use the console and take the elevator down to the next bridge. Make your way to the canyons.

Hop into the Phaeton and fly it to the Gateway. You will need to navigate through the canyons by destroying barricades with your ship

Table of Contents:

Sword of Sanghelios

Move across the river in an attempt to find the Arbiter. Make your way towards the ruins to find the Covenant forces. Clear the ruins with your team while you continue forward. You will come across some dead elites.

Continue up the cavern until you reach an opening. There will be snipers all throughout the canyon. Take cover and neutralize the snipers from a distance. Precision rifles will greatly help you in this battle if you can find one. If you cannot neutralize the Covenant snipers, simply stay in cover as you move forward.

Climb up the ruins as you fight the Covenant. Be careful as you move up because Phantoms will be dropping off more enemy forces. Keep an eye out for high-ranking Elites that may pose a big threat (such as the sword-wielding elites). Remember to use the plasma pistol / headshot combination.

Once the area is clear, move into the next set of ruins. This path will lead you to the Elder Council Chamber. The Arbiter will be located inside.

Follow your waypoint to the Landing Zone and secure the area. Stay in cover and be aware of incoming Covenant ships. Stay out of the middle if possible. To easily take out the Hunters, use your team to distract them and deal damage to their backs. There are mounted turrets on the upper platforms if you need a heavy weapon.

Once the area is clear, the friendly ship will land and drop a pair of Mantis vehicles. Hop into the Mantis mechanical suit and wait for the doors to open. Once the next area opens up, unload your rockets and ammo at the Covenant forces inside. If you get too close to the enemies, remember that you can use the suit to stomp on them.

The bridge to the Elder Council Chamber is very heavily guarded. Take your time and use your suit to take out all of the hostiles. Keep your distance and focus on heavy vehicles at first (such as the Wraith and Spirits). Next, neutralize all ground forces. Use your rockets to neutralize the Hunters under the bridge.

Once the area is finally clear, move through to the Chamber gate. Take out the wave of hostiles that will come in using drop pods. Don

Table of Contents:

Alliance / Enemy Lines

Alliance is a very short mission, but it is important to pay attention. First, locate Halsey on a nearby platform and report to her. After speaking with her for a moment about activating the Guardian, report to Palmer at the pelican.


Table of Contents:


Drop out of the pelican and board the Guardian. Activate your mag boots and run down the side of the Guardian to reach the surface of Genesis. Don

Table of Contents:

The Breaking

Walk down the structure hallway while speaking to Cortana. Once you are outside, fight off the Prometheans. Clear the area and continue through the structure to find Cortana.

Ride the platform to the next section. Simply continue to neutralize Prometheans as you move forward up the structure. It is recommended that you take out turrets first, followed by ground forces. There are not many places to take cover, so try to minimize enemy fire on your team.

The area will clear and Cortana will move the platform to the third section. Continue listening to the Warden Eternal and Cortana during the ride. Move forward once again. Focus on heavy forces and turrets. Grab heavy weapons if you can find them. Use your team to focus fire on single enemies as you move forward.

The door will open after all of the Prometheans are neutralized. You may want to scavenge the area before moving on. Find heavy weapons and prepare for another fight with the Warden Eternal.

Focus your team

Table of Contents:


Follow the monitor into the chamber and ride the platform towards the Cryptum. Talk to Cortana and move through the ice caverns.

Once you come across your first small battle, clear the area. The Promethean and Covenant forces will be fighting each other, so you have some leeway while clearing the area. Take your time and focus on heavy forces first.

Once the area is clear, the monitor will open up the next to the next area. Scavenge the area for weapons and ammo before heading straight into battle. Continue forward while clearing the area of Prometheans. Focus on turrets first, then clear out the ground forces. Use your team to distract heavy enemies.

Continue following the monitor towards the Cryptum. Focus fire on the gravitational core to deactivate it. There will be more cores nearby. Hop into the nearby Mantis vehicle and begin the search for the other cores.

All of the cores will have named waypoints to lead you to them. Start clearing out the area (starting with turrets and vehicles) to cut down on enemy fire. However, do not worry about killing every hostile. Your main objective is to destroy the cores.

Disable the projector shield in front of the beta core. This should be easy if you focus fire on the shield with the Mantis’ guns. Have your team distract the nearby hunters as you take them out. Focus fire on the core to deactivate it once you have the opportunity.

Once all of the cores are deactivated, continue to follow the monitor. You will be ambushed by more hostiles. The Mantis is definitely recommended to neutralize everyone in this area. Clear the area enough to reach the override switch. Activate the override so you can reach the Cryptum.

Unfortunately, Cortana is blocking the monitor’s ability to open the next door by using a communications relay. Follow the monitor to the next structure.

The arena-like layout of this structure should give you a hint that you should load up on weapons and ammo. Defend the monitor while she attempts to open up the passageway in the center of the structure.

After the first wave of Prometheans is cleared, use a launch pad to reach the two auxiliary stations. Activate them so that the monitor can continue to unlock the door. The second wave of hostiles will attack very soon after.

Continue defending the monitor until she has opened up a passageway. Quickly join the monitor on the platform in an attempt to stop Cortana from leaving.

Take the elevator down to the relay room. The monitor will lower the shield. Sprint down the hallway in an attempt to disrupt Cortana’s relay. Brave through the Guardian’s pulses while you destroy the relay and stop the Cryptum from leaving the planet.

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