SWAT Raids Counter-Strike Player Live on Twitch


Having the cops show up is an acceptable reason to go AFK.

Beyond just gaming, the ubiquitous Twitch stream captures all the mundane bits of life that go on around it. In this case, it caught a player getting raided by the police.

During a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match, streamer Jordan Gilbert had to deal with an actual counter-terrorist rush when a SWAT team raided his house.

Apparently, Gilbert, AKA n0thing, was on the receiving end of a fake police tip, also known as swatting. In the brief clip, you can see the SWAT team, armed with weapons familiar to any CS player, bust into his room, as a huge “TERRORIST WIN” message displays on his screen. Meanwhile, his teammates complain about Gilbert being AFK.

You can watch the full stream for context. At 1:39, you see Gilbert ditches his headphones and runs out of the room. At 1:56, he returns and informs his audience that everything’s ok, and he has “a good understanding with the police station now.”

Source: Twitch via Kotaku

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