It seems that Capcom Japan considers the swine flu to be a real-life biohazard, as the company has apparently canceled all of its plans for international travel in response to fears of an outbreak. Of the swine flu, not the T-Virus.

Though E3 trucks on in the face of certain apocalypse by bacon flu, Capcom Japan is not so brave as to spit in the face of the nearing end times. According to a spokesperson for the Nordic Game Conference, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune has canceled his appearance at the show (which begins tomorrow), due to “restrictions on foreign travel amid fears of an influenza outbreak.”

Well then what about E3, where Inafune might play a role in the revealing of the secret unannounced projects that the company’s US branch has been teasing for some weeks now (one of them revealed over the weekend), not to mention his expected duties showing off Dead Rising 2, a game he’s producing? Capcom says that they’re “undecided” on whether or not their Japanese staff will be showing up to the party. US and UK teams are expected to be in attendance, however.

Other major publishers like Activision, EA and Ubisoft have already committed to making it to E3, though they’ve said that they are “closely monitoring” the situation. E3 organizers the ESA, meanwhile, have stated that the show is “progressing as planned.”

So it sounds like everyone but Capcom Japan isn’t afraid of this thing. And here I’d thought we’d all gotten over this thing a long time ago, when it magically disappeared from the headlines. Guess someone forwarded this to Capcom Japan.

[Via CVG]

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