“Symphony of Science” Makes Mind-blowing Music


Thanks to the wonders of Auto-Tune and awesome electronica backdrops, an enterprising YouTuber has turned famous scientists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking into brilliant scientific musician-philosophers.

This may in fact be old news to some out there in The Escapist community, as the first remix “A Glorious Dawn” (seen above) was initially released to YouTube back at the end of September – but the creator, John “melodysheep” Boswell, is still making music videos, and they’re still worth keeping an eye on. (Especially since, you know, we’re already on the subject of strange scientific phenomena…)

In these videos, Boswell takes speeches and quotes from famous scientists and cosmologists – Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Stephen Hawking, and Dr. Richard Feynman just to name a few – and remixes them using Auto-Tune and some gorgeous electronica in order to turn these noted scientists into inadvertent musicians.

To be honest, the end result is absolutely stunning. It’s clear that Boswell is truly skilled at his craft, but the real stars of the show are the scientists. If you’ve ever seen the late Dr. Sagan’s 1980 television series Cosmos, you know just how effectively (and enthusiastically) the man could communicate these mind-blowing concepts to people without his background in science.

The enthusiasm that Sagan and all his colleagues featured in these videos share for the subject is obvious, and whether you share their passion for science and astronomy or whether you’re just looking for some awesome electronica, it’s very difficult not to just find it infectious. If you were ever in danger of growing bored of the mundanity of the world we live in, watch these videos and have it cured. Because the universe is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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