Taco Bell Turns Burrito Guts Into Superheroes

Forget the Super Friends, Taco Bell will protect the world with its Super Delicious Ingredient Force.

Taco Bell has developed its own version of the Super Friends called the Super Delicious Ingredient Force for a new ad campaign. The SDIF star in an animated short series and even have their own website.

Superman has been replaced by Steak Maximus, Wonder Woman with Chicken Woman, and Batman with Captain Enchilada Sauce. There’s also some guy named Dr. Steve Value that seems nice enough, but I can’t help wanting to jump kick off his Segway. The Super Delicious Ingredient Force lives in the Fortress of Flavor and gets around in a very stylish El Camino.

Only one episode of Super Delicious Ingredient Force has been released, but it introduces us to the cast of heroes and shows us that they know how to take on inferior fast food. When John Lee is attacked by the Cruddy Combo Clan – an evil burger, shake, and order of fries – the SDIF come to his rescue. It’s just like an episode of Super Friends, but weird.

There’s about a minute of pure advertisement from 3:15 to 4:10 if you want to skip it, but afterward Commander Seasoned Beef gives us an education on downed power lines. The animated series is drawn by comics legend Neal Adams, surprisingly enough, with two more episodes on the way.

Super Delicious Ingredient Force might be all about advertising for Taco Bell, but it’s really silly too. Along with its previous sale of Atari games, Taco Bell seems to be making an attempt to appeal to retro geek culture with its promotions.

Via: Bleeding Cool

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