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Tactics Ogre: Reborn Trademark Registered by Square Enix in Japan

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Square Enix registered a trademark for “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” in Japan on March 31, 2022, via Gematsu and Twitter user @Renka_schedule. There is no additional information at this time, and there is no guarantee that a new entry in the Ogre Battle / Tactics Ogre franchise is in development. Nonetheless, this could be the first time that Square Enix does something significant with the strategy RPG franchise in over a decade.

Most recently, Square Enix released a remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on Sony PSP in 2010 in Japan and 2011 worldwide. That game had originally been released for Super Famicom, Sega Saturn, and PlayStation 1 in the 1990s, created by Yasumi Matsuno at Quest Corporation. It was a critically acclaimed strategy RPG with excellent writing, thought-provoking themes, unpredictable political intrigues, and branching story paths. Matsuno would then go on to create Final Fantasy Tactics at Squaresoft, which shared many similar gameplay and story elements.

However, Tactics Ogre only ever received one more entry, The Knight of Lodis on Game Boy Advance in the early 2000s. In some ways, the recently released Triangle Strategy is a successor to the franchise, especially in how they both use branching story paths, but they’re really not the same. Perhaps “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” could give longtime fans the fix they have been craving, though if it doesn’t include Matsuno, one wonders how much different it would be than Triangle Strategy.

Stay tuned for updates on this “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” trademark — and brace yourself for the possibility that it could be another mobile game. It could also just be yet another remake of Let Us Cling Together. Or, again, it could end up being nothing at all.

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