Taiwanese Animation Lampoons Supreme Court Decision


Supreme Court cases would be so much cooler if they were actually decided by lethal gunfights.

If you’re not familiar with Taiwanese media group NextMedia Animations, it’s best known for its bizarre and nonsensical CGI animations depicting the news of the day – for instance, last year’s iPhone 4 antenna issues and the infamous FoxConn suicides.

NMA’s video production team works scarily fast, as it’s already released a video covering the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled that videogames had all the First Amendment protections granted to other forms of media.

It’s silly and doesn’t go too in-depth into the issue, but it’s also rather amusing how it depicts the events leading up to the case, as well as Justice Anthony Scalia’s majority decision.

I’m pretty sure that Scalia didn’t actually present his decision by firing assault rifles into the air with children in front of a giant American flag, but it would have been kind of amazing if he had.

Still, it doesn’t quite top the fire-breathing lesbians from the New York gay marriage animation. But then again, what does?

(Via Joystiq)

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