Human puppets and a script on intensive care, are you sure you’re talking about Spider-Man?

Taiwanese news organization, NMA, who memorably recounted the rise of the iPhone earlier this year and cast Steve Jobs as Darth Vader in the process, has once again condensed a long-running news story into a just over a minute of animation. Its current target? The beleaguered Spider-Man musical, Turn Off the Dark.

While the actual news of the show is pretty bleak, with many concerned that it’s only a matter of time before someone is fatally injured in one of the productions seemingly constant accidents, it’s still pretty hard not to smile at NMA’s bizarre depiction of events.

It opens with a depiction of the latest accident, where one of the actors playing Spider-Man fell ten feet after a cable snapped. We then cut to him in hospital, alongside a few other cast members and the play’s script. Then it starts to get weird, with late night comedians cast as giant puppeteers who make the actors dance for their pleasure, and an electrical outlet spewing money like a busted ATM when investors “pull the plug” on the show.

It kinds of reminds me of the early trailers for Atlus’s upcoming erotic thriller Catherine. Heck, it reminds me of some of the later ones too, because they’re just as strange.

Source: Gizmodo

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