Resident Evil Revelations new enemy

Yes, that object at the bottom is a collectable. Probably.

There are promotions, there are strange promotions, and then there is Capcom’s pool of blood, about to open near London’s Olympic Stadium to mark the launch of Resident Evil: Revelations. “The world’s first blood swimming pool,” according to Capcom’s PR man Adam Merrett, is open to the public May 25th and 26th, so if you’re over 16 and the thought of swimming in intestines and gore appeals – and really, why wouldn’t it – hie thee to Jupiter Wharf over in scenic Hackney Wick.

Under 18s will need to be accompanied by an adult, and you might want to bring your own towel. Not that the nice zombie lifeguard won’t have towels on offer, but the ones he’s providing might be a little stained. Might want to bring your own goggles, too, though there will be some on loan. Yes, there will be torsos and eyeballs floating in the pool, and there will also be items nestled away on the bottom, some of which are collectables which the finder can keep.

Free tickets to the event are available over here, if you’re interested, from 20th May; only 100 tickets per day are on offer, so only 200 souls will get to take a dip. Meanwhile the game itself comes out May 24th, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

Source: MCV

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