A gameplay trailer for Shank, a stylish side-scrolling beat-em-up, was recently shown at PAX 2009.

Shank is a stylish, violent side-scroller in development by Klei Entertainment, creators of PC and XBLA Incredible Machine mixed with Lemmings mash-up, Eets. Shank‘s first lengthy gameplay trailer was just released at PAX 2009.

The game looks like a mix between Double Dragon and Madworld, all done in a vibrant comic-book style. Shank‘s main character, aptly named Shank, will tear his way through legions of enemies using weapons such as his trusty knife, chainsaw, shotgun, and dual-wielded pistols. Considering that this is one of the game’s first trailers, it looks very smooth and incredibly fun. The murderous ground and air combos Shank can perform, while the camera zooms in and out and time slows down, are particularly enthralling.

Though Shank does not appear to have been announced for any particular platforms yet, I’d be surprised if it didn’t hit both XBLA and PC. Check out Shank‘s offical blog at http://shankgame.com/.

Via: Indie Games Blog

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